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Training Delivery and Seminars

In order to strengthen competence of permanent staff and external experts, ATS enables continuous professional development to its permanent staff and technical experts through delivery of training, seminars and briefing seminars. Thus ATS will enable them to acquire the knowledge necessary to perform assessments of conformity assessment bodies or to enable development and advancement of the ATS assessors and experts listed in the Register of the ATS Assessors and Technical Experts.

The procedure entitled ATS-PR03, Training for Assessors, Briefing Seminar for the ATS technical experts and Training of ATS Employees lays down the mode of organising and delivering training to assessors, seminars for assessors, briefing seminars for technical experts, training modules, training for the ATS employees, their duties and responsibilities when planning and delivering the training, and requirements to be met by the lecturers.

ATS shall, in accordance with the Plan for Training and Seminars to Be Delivered to the ATS Assessors/Technical Experts and ATS employees, Seminars and Briefing Seminars, make a decision about the training to be delivered in the next year.

Moreover, the ATS employees are delivered hands-on training by other accreditation bodies for the purpose of professional development and exchange of experience in the field of their work (in the framework of bilateral agreements or other projects of international institutions, and similar activities), and for the purpose of exchanging and obtaining professional knowledge and experiences at meetings, seminars and conferences in country and abroad that are dedicated to accreditation and conformity assessment. This will also include participation in the work of committees and working groups organised at national or international level in the relevant fields.