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Development of the New Schemes of Accreditation

The Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) regularly performs, on the basis of the ATS Work Programme and needs of interested parties, activities focused on the development of new schemes of accreditation and extension of the scope of its activities in certain fields. Thus ATS strives to foster development of specific industrial sectors through continuous education and training of its employees and external assessors and experts. The development of new technologies requires constant review of the ATS working methods leading to the upgrade thereof and to the increase in the level of competence and quality of the work of its clients. With that end in view ATS meets the needs of its clients in case of the new accreditation schemes.

Activities that ATS performs when developing new schemes of accreditation are as follows:

  • analyse existing international standards, guideline documents, application documents and ATS documents, assessment of the need to develop new ATS documents and/or modification of existing documents and development thereof,
  • select and train the ATS assessors and employees for the new activities,
  • monitor the implementation of planned activities in accordance with the planned timeframes and defined control points,
  • prepare documented procedures for the implementation of the new activities,
  •  implement the new activities in the course of the accreditation (assessment) of applicants for accreditation for a specific new scheme/field of accreditation.

Moreover, every year ATS defines objectives and future activities that are presented in its Annual Report. Hence, all interested parties can learn about the affects of the existing and new accreditation schemes on the increase in the level of safety of goods and services, citizens and consumers in the Republic of Serbia, and decrease in the number of additional checks (testing, inspection and certification) of products in international trade or satisfaction of needs and increase in the competitiveness of the entire Serbian economy.