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Expression of dissatisfaction, other than appeal, by any person or organisation, to an accreditation body, relating to the activities of that accreditation body or of an accredited CAB where a response is expected.

Complaints made by any person or organisation that are related to the ATS activities or activities of an accredited CAB shall be dealt with by the ATS Director in accordance with the procedure for the resolution thereof.

ATS shall:
- review whether a complaint is justified;
- ensure, where appropriate, that a complaint is first reviewed by an accredited CAB that the complaint relates to;
- undertake appropriate actions and assess their effects;
- keep records of all complaints and actions that were undertaken, and
- reply to a person filing a complaint.

A  complainant shall  be  informed in  writing about  the  decision no later than 30 days following the date of complaint filling. The Director shall send the complainant the information about the decision on complaint.