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EU funded project "Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia"

On 3rd June 2010, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (later to become “Ministry of Finance and Economy” and now "Ministry of Economy"), Serbian Chamber of Commerce and AFNOR Consortium signed the Memorandum of Understanding in order to implement the EU Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia”.

The aim of this Project was to provide technical assistance to key quality infrastructure institutions and bodies in the field of standardisation, accreditation, metrology and conformity assessment bodies, whereas it was financed by the European Commission. The Project lasted till November 2010 and it was implemented in two phases to include regional chambers throughout Serbia. 40 seminars on standardisation and accreditation were organised (15 one-day seminars on standardisation and 25 two-day seminars on accreditation).

Activities on the selection and implementation of appropriate inter-laboratory comparisons and proficiency testing schemes, and on the training to be delivered to the ATS staff were carried out in parallel with the public awareness campaigns organised by the project. Seminars were held in Šabac and Pančevo, 9th-12th March - Environmental Management Systems (requirements of ISO 14001), Novi Sad and Belgrade, 16th-19th March - Food Safety Management Systems (requirements of ISO 22000); Kruševac and Sombor, 6th-9th April – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001 requirements); Zrenjanin and Kragujevac, 13th-16th April - Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Belgrade and Novi Sad, 11th-14th May - Technical requirements for motor vehicles, Novi Sad and Niš, 25th-28th May - the requirements of the EMC; Kraljevo 1st- 2nd June - machinery safety requirements, Niš and Subotica, 15th-18th June – low-voltage electrical equipment requirements, Kraljevo and Subotica, 21st-24th September - Pressure vessels, Belgrade and Novi Sad, 5th-8th October  - Calibration, Belgrade and Novi Sad, 9th-12th November - Lifts, Belgrade, 16th-19th November - Drafting technical regulations.

The project’s closing conference was held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on 17th December 2010. The following ATS employees gave lectures: Ljubica Živanić, Milica Jovčić MSc, Biljana Tomić, Bratislav Milošević PhD, and Natalija Jovičić Zarić MSc.