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Transfer of Accreditation


If the status or the owner of an accredited conformity assessment body is changed, ATS shall transfer accreditation to the legal successor to the conformity assessment body provided that the former:
- accepted the policy and management system procedures of the conformity assessment body;
- kept the key personnel of the conformity assessment body;
- kept and continues to implement the conformity assessment methods and procedures used by the previously accredited conformity assessment body;
- kept the equipment and appliances, and facilities of the accredited conformity assessment body to the extent necessary and sufficient to competently perform conformity assessment activities.

If it is necessary to transfer accreditation, the accredited conformity assessment body shall make a formal request to ATS. The said request shall contain the following:
- rationale behind the request for accreditation transfer;
- clear and precise description of the new legal status, and all relevant documents confirming the new legal status;
- description of possible changes in the management system;
- declaration made by the new owner/management to confirm that they shall meet the accreditation criteria;
- planned activities with defined deadline for updating the quality manual, documented procedures and other documents in accordance with the changes that were made;
- where applicable information about updating necessary contracts with employees, contracts with subcontractors, etc.

ATS shall, depending on the changes that were made, decide whether to make a decision on the accreditation transfer on the basis of submitted documents or whether to make an adequate decision after obtaining additional information or after a surveillance assessment has been carried out.