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Accreditation is the determination by a national accreditation body whether the conformity assessment body meets the requirements for performance of certain conformity assessment activities, which are set out in the relevant Serbian, or international and European harmonized standards, and, where applicable, all additional requirements defined for particular areas, including the requirements set out in the relevant sectoral conformity assessment schemes.

Accreditation Body
National accreditation body in charge of accreditation.

Request by a CAB for reconsideration of any decision made by the accreditation body that has adverse effect on a conformity assessment body and that is related to its desired accreditation status.

Interested Parties
Parties with a direct or indirect interest in accreditation.
Note: Direct interest refers to the interest of those who undergo accreditation; indirect interest refers to bodies and other organisations who use or rely on accredited conformity assessment services.

Logo of the Accreditation Body
Logo used by an accreditation body to identify itself.


Set of activities, except reassessment, which are undertaken to monitor the continued fulfilment by accredited CABs of requirements for accreditation.

Note: Surveillance includes both on-site assessments and other surveillance activities such as the following:

- enquiries from the accreditation body to the CAB on aspects concerning the accreditation,

- requests to the CAB to provide documents and records (e.g. results of internal audits, management reviews, records, complaints/appeals records, copies of conformity certificates issued under certification, updated list of personnel – in laboratory; inspectors; auditors/assessors, updated list of certified clients, list of consultants, updated list of those inspecting results of internal quality control);

- monitoring the performance of CABs (such as results of participating in inter-laboratory comparisons, PT schemes, etc.),

- reviewing correctness of the use of the accreditation symbol and reference to accreditation.

Process undertaken by an accreditation body to assess the competence of a CAB on the basis of specific standard(s) and/or other normative documents for the defined scope of accreditation.
Note: assessment of CAB competence involves competence assessment of the entire operations of the CAB, including competence of the personnel, validity of the conformity assessment methodology and validity of the conformity assessment results.

Accreditation Withdrawal
Process of cancelling accreditation in full.

Observation of the conformity assessment body carrying out conformity assessment activities within requested/granted scope of accreditation.

Scope of Accreditation
Specific conformity assessment services for which accreditation is sought or has been granted.

Expression of dissatisfaction, other than appeal, by any person or organisation, to an accreditation body, relating to the activities of that accreditation body or of an accredited CAB where a response is expected.

Extending Accreditation
Process of enlarging the scope of accreditation.

Accreditation Certificate
A set of documents stating that aaccreditation is granted for the defined scope of accreditation (list of accredited conformity assessment activities).

Accreditation Symbol and Reference to Accreditation
The accreditation symbol is a protected mark owned by ATS for the use of which ATS gives permission to accredited CABs to indicate their accreditation status. An accredited CAB can make text reference to accreditation and it can also refer to ATS status as a signatory to the multilateral agreements on mutual recognition instead of using the accreditation symbol.

Combined Marks
The marks of ILAC or IAF agreements on mutual recognition in combination with the accreditation symbol are combined marks for the use of which ATS gives permission to accredited conformity assessment bodies.

Reducing Accreditation
Process of cancelling accreditation for part of the scope of accreditation.

Suspending Accreditation
Process of temporarily making accreditation invalid, in full or for part of the scope of accreditation.

Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)
Legal entity holding legal responsibility or part thereof, which performs conformity assessment services, including testing, calibration, certification, inspection, verification and validation or proficiency testing.

Note: Whenever the word "CAB" is used in the text, it applies to both the "applicant and accredited CABs" unless otherwise specified.

Certificate of Conformity
Test report, calibration certificate, certificate, inspection report or certificate, verification/validation report, proficiency testing report issued by an accredited conformity assessment body for the activities covered by the scope of accreditation that was granted.

International Organisations
International organisations that ATS is a member of: European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation cooperation (ILAC).