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Accreditation Granting


- Assessment Team’s Recommendations

After the assessment activities have been carried out and after it has been verified that the nonconformities were eliminated, or after it has been confirmed that proposed actions and deadlines for elimination of established concerns are appropriate, the assessment team shall make a recommendation on accreditation in the Summary Assessment Report and/or Annex to the Summary Assessment Report.

- Аccreditation Decision-making

Decisions on accreditation shall be made by the ATS Director following the proposals made by the Accreditation Committee.

The Accreditation Committee shall be composed of the ATS permanent employees that did not take part in the assessment the findings of which is being decided and external experts providing the needed technical expertise in keeping with fields of conformity assessment subject to accreditation decision-making.

The Accreditation Committee shall review the information from the file prepared for decision-making process, determine whether it is complete, and evaluate its clarity, comprehensiveness and sufficiency of information on the basis of which a decision on accreditation shall be made in accordance with the written procedure governing accreditation decision-making and granting. If the Committee finds that there is not sufficient information to make an adequate proposal for the decision to be made, it will ask for additional information from assessment team or assessed conformity assessment body which may include an additional assessment.

The conformity assessment body has the right to appeal to the adverse decision on accreditation.

The accreditation procedure can be re-instigated after the new application for accreditation has been submitted.

- Accreditation Certificate and Reference to Accreditation

If it is determined after the accreditation procedure that the conformity assessment body meets the accreditation criteria, ATS shall make a decision on accreditation and issue an accreditation certificate accompanied by the scope of accreditation (list of accredited conformity assessment activities) to a conformity assessment body. In addition to the accreditation certificate, ATS shall give conformity assessment bodies the permission to use the accreditation symbol and/or combined mark in accordance with the Rules for the Use of the Accreditation Symbol, Reference to Accreditation and ATS Status as a Signatory to the ЕА MLA, ILAC MRA and IAF MLA. The accreditation certificate shall be valid for four years.

An accredited conformity assessment body can, instead of using the accreditation symbol, make text reference to accreditation or ATS status as a signatory to the multilateral agreements or use the combined IAF/ILAC marks in accordance with the Rules for the Use of the Accreditation Symbol, Reference to Accreditation and ATS Status as a Signatory to the ЕА MLA, ILAC MRA and IAF MLA.

Accredited CABs shall be entered in the Directory of Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies.